History of Texas

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History of Texas

History of Texas

Texas was discovered by Spanish Conquistadors in the year 1519. During their arrival they found many Native American tribes that had been living there for over 10,000 years before. Alvarez de Pineda was the first European to see Texas. After the discovery the land was left alone until April of 1682 when the French claimed all of the Mississippi River. This had spilt New Spain from Spanish Florida. So in Spain tried to attack a French fort. In the end they discovered the fort was already attacked by the Native Americans. So in January 1691 Spain had appointed the first governor of Texas. Texas has been claimed by over 5 different countries including France, Spain, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, and the United States of America.

It wasn't until the year 1821 when Mexico won independence from Spain. Because they wanted to increase the amount of settlement there in Texas it was open to all people to live there. At one point the amount of Americans living in Texas was greater than the amount of Tejanos or Mexicans that claimed Texas. This was no problem until tension grew. Americans believed in slavery while the Tejanos did not. In 1830 Mexico officially closed its borders to new American settlers. They were also were directing Mexican convict troops be garrisoned in Texas. American settlers then began to try to make peace with Mexico's leaders. This plan failed and lead to Americans and Tejanos wanted to break free from Mexico. Finally on March 2, 1826 they declared their independence. They established the Republican of Texas. They elected Sam Houston to be their president in the year 1836. While in office Houston asked the United States to annex them. At the time Andrew Jackson was president, he refused to annex Texas. This was to keep balance in the slave states. In the year 1844 Texas's luck had changed. Many Americans believed in the Manifest Destiny. After President Polk had won the election he allowed Texas to part of the United States. Texas was officially a state in 1845.


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