[2016] Soren Clark: history of telephones

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[2016] Soren Clark: history of telephones

March 10,1876

July ,1877




"From the moment mr.Bell yelled" come here mr.Watson I want to see you! "the buisness of providing telephone service was off and running. Bell and Watson was demonstrating the new instrument."

"The ball telaphone company was formed by gardiner Hubbard."

"By the end of 1877 3,000 telephones were in service."

"In the mid 1878 Hubbard named the odore vail , the set up of the the railway mail service as the new general maneger of Bell company."

"In Setember 1878, the Bell company field suit against the western union"

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"By the end of 1930's ATandT 15,000,000 phones were in service and were starting quite well in the eyes of the public through its heroic efforts in the aftermath of the hurricane."

Similar growth i nother countries as well as phones shrink in to the size of deck cards an increasingly moble society uses them for multiple reasons ."2000

"in 2007 iphone was introduced, it was a huge sucess with its touch screen ,sensors ,and sleek design."

"The tremendous work and frequent travel left its toll . "1920

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