[2015] Paityn Engemann: History of Southeast Indians

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[2015] Paityn Engemann: History of Southeast Indians

Food:The southeast indians main food source was corn, squash, bean, were so important as a food source that these indians had a speacial name for it. There were called "The Three Sisters.

Geography:The Southeast region land was very flat. It was a very subtropical part of the U.S. because of all of the oceans around this region. this region has dense forests, fertile fields, sandy beaches, and low-lying swamps.

Fun Facts:The Southeast indians were considered part of the Woodland region indians.

Climate:The climate in the Southeastern regions is very warm so farming can be done much longer than the Norhteast region.

Southeast Indians

History of

By: Paityn,Caydence

Chickees:THe Southeast indians hung cooking utensils, a baby swing, and a wheel. In certain times of the year, people hung canvas curtains to keep the rain out.


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