[2014] Tyler Davies: History Of Sony's Playstation

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[2014] Tyler Davies: History Of Sony's Playstation

History of Sony's Playstation

-Founded: May 7th, 1946-Founders: Masaru Ibuka, Akio Marito-CEO: Kazua Hirai-Headquarters: Minato, TKYClick here to go to Sony's Homepage

Time Line

Playstation 1

December 3, 1994

After the 5 succesful years of the Playstation 1. People around the awaited the next chapter of the Playstation Sega. And on October 26th in 2000 thats what they got. The Playstation 2 it was faster,better graphics, and a whole new design. This Console promised an even better exsperience.

The third installment of Playstation it was called Playstation 3. This console was the first console with an online feature. The new controller alowed gamers to play wirelessly.

The Playstation 1 was Sony's First shot at a Video Game Console. Sony, who was used to making computers and cameras,tried and had an outstanding run.

March 4, 2000

Playstation 3

November 11, 2006

PSP(Playstation Portable)

Playstation Vita

December 12, 2004

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After the huge hit of the Playstation 2, in the year 2005 we heard of a new device it wasn't a bog console but, a new hand held device. They called it the PSP. This was the first hand held device based on the playstation.

November 15, 2013

Playstation 4

Playstation 2

The PS Vita was Sony's second try at a hand held playstation System. This device featured a touch screen,motion sensored back, and new analog sticks.This featured everything the PSP needed. It also allowed you to contine games from your PS3 anywhere.

The most recent release was the Playstation 4. It introduced a new controller design. It also had an online feature but, you had to pay a monthly supscription, but got alot of free games every month.


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