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History Of Salem qawsedrftgyhujikolp

History Of Salem

Witch Trials:Did you know the Salem witch trials lasted from the year of 1692 to 1693? Also, more than 200 people were accused of witch craft during those years, and 20 were executed. This took place in colonial Massachusetts.

Bibliography:-Smithsonian.com-etext.lib.virgininia.net-webtv.net -law2.umkc.edu-youtube.com

People Accused:Witch craft- Devil's magic that is cast upon innocent people.Some people who were accused were Anne Putnam or Sarah Good, were hung in the year of 1692.

Fast Facts:-Did you know Sarah Good and Sarah Osborn were the first ones to be accused of witchcraft. - Did you know 55 people were found guilty.

How It Ended:The Salem Witch Trials Ened with very few people in the colony. Few people were in the colony because, they were sick and tired of everyone accusing others. So they eventually left.

Salem:Well, Salem was a very peaceful community, and the people were trustworthy. Then suddenly everything went wrong. Dunn Dun Duunnnn!!! (Witch Trials)



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