History of Rock Music

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History of Rock Music

Rock Music

by Miss Bridger

In the 1960s, rock music became even more popular. Different types of rock music started. These were psychedelic rock (Pink Floyd), hard rock (Led Zeppelin) and bubblegum rock (The Monkees). The Rolling Stones were also very popular at this time.

Rock n Roll music started in the 1950s. People thought it wouldn't stay popular but it did. Some of the famous rock artists of that time were Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry and Bill Haley and his Comets. Rock music started after the electric guitar was sold in the early 50s.


More types of rock are introduced in the 1970s, such as soft rock, glam rock, punk rock and heavy metal. Some of the popular groups in this era include ACDC, The Ramones, Kiss and many more.

In the 1980's MTV began making music videos an important part of releasing a song. Pink Floyd were still a popular rock group. Guns n RRoses were also big in the late 80s. In the 90s, rock music changed again, adding alternative rock categories like grunge and pop punk.

Rock music continues in the 2000s and beyond but is not as popular as it used to be. Bands like Incubus, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Rise Against, Metallica and Slipknot are still releasing hit rock songs of slightly different styles.








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