[2014] Ari2121 (GLA 6 and 7): History of Rock and Roll Music

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[2014] Ari2121 (GLA 6 and 7): History of Rock and Roll Music

History of Rock and Roll Music

A timeline on the history of rock and roll. This timeline will include artists and bands such as Elvis Presley, The Tokens, The Four Seasons, The Beatles, Abba, and Joan Jett. The 1950s was the decade Rock and Roll was born. Rock and Roll was considered rebellious and dangerous in the 1950s. Bill Haley's "Crazy Man Crazy" was considered to be the first rock and roll hit by a white man. The Rock and Roll era starts in the 1950s and continues to the present.

Rock and Roll Timeline


"The Year of Elvis"

In December of 1961 the tokens went to #1 with in the U.S. with "The Lion Sleeps Tonight". Niel Sedaka was the lead singer, he then later became a very famous song writer. "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" was used in Lion King.

The Four Seasons release the single "Sherry", causing them to rise to #1 in the U.S. The Four Seasons were formed in New Jersey. The song "Rag Doll" was inspired by a street windshield washer. None of the members in The Four Seasons played the drums. Their original name was The Four Lovers.

"Dancing Queen" was released in March of 1975. Their biggest decade was 1970. Both couples of Abba were married to each other, and later divorced. Abba was a Swedish band. The four members of Abba were Bjorn, Benny, Agnetha, and Anni-Frid.

The Beatles end the year 1964 with "I Feel Fine", which ends up on top in the U.S. and UK. 1963 was the official start of "Beatlemania" in the UK.

Elvis released "Heartbreak Hotel", his first single, on January 27th, 1956. Elvis was related, distantly, to Abe Lincoln and Jimmy Carter. Elvis recorded over 600 songs, of which he wrote none.


The Tokens


The Four Seasons





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