[2015] Monshin Wu: History of Pencil

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Inventors and Inventions

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[2015] Monshin Wu: History of Pencil

History of Pencil

I am Monshin; I was born in 4 August 1775 in Taiwan. In a time where quilts and ink wrote the most beautiful poetry, book, and texts of law. I invented the pencil, I also found to hydrogen gas.

In a long time ago there was a terrible storm in near a village, an a oak tree fell down in an area. A shepherd found a large graphite deposit. At first he thought is was coal, but it did not burn like he expected. They realized they the raw material is made by dark mark, it much darker than previous. However, the graphite was soft and brittle, which caused some people, trying to write it. Somebody decided to wrap string around to make it stronger. Some body decided that the graphite should put ink wooden sticks. The problem was the wooden sticks had to hollow by hang

All About Me

History of the Pencil

I invented the pencil, because I am an inventor. I must write very fast, but some time the writing brush didn't have any ink. I need to always add ink. So I invented the pencil so I don't need to use ink. In the dessert is hard to survive, ink are difficult to save. so I need to invent pencil. I found the hydrogen gas, because when we are fighting with other country. I can use the hydrogen gas to make a big air balloon and I can fly to see the enemy and tell to everyone.

I made an air balloon, but the balloon caught fire and the Egyptians received the impression that what had been demonstrated was a machine of war for setting fire to the enemy encampment. At a second attempt I attempt with a larger balloon, it is said that the ascension was witnessed in square by 100,000. I tried to cope with the problem of transporting cannon across the desert sand.


My Challenges



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