History of News Production

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History of News Production

Began around 1851 and and has been one of the ways of staying updated with the news since. The newspaper industry is in danger, due to modern day technology taking over our daily lives.

During 59 BC to 222 ADpeople started learning how to read and write, they would post the news on a bulletin board for the town to see.

The Roman Bulletin Board

History of News Production

The letter press was invented around 1450s.People would post them, and they consisted of 8 or 16 pages containing the important news.

Introduced during the mid 1800’s.Occurred because of the industrial revolution during the 18th and 19th century.

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Letter press was invented


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Today, (2015) we use such things as applications to stay updated with our news.Most people perfer this option over televison, becasue it updates oftenly to know whats going on in the worl right away. Examples of some apps are: CNN, Fox News, BBC News, and many more.

Digital Publishing

The first newspaper was published around 1609 by the Germans. They soon became more commonly used around the world. The newspaper industry was booming at that time.

California startup Ostendo has developed a miniature projector that is small enough to fit in a smartphone, they have been working on the development of a 3D image projection, called the Hologram.


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