[2015] Michael Chew (Mr Bywaters ELA 78, Mr Bywaters Geo Class): History of Mexico

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[2015] Michael Chew (Mr Bywaters ELA 78, Mr Bywaters Geo Class): History of Mexico

The History of Mexico

A timeline of MexicoBy: Michael Chew

MexicoTime Line

200 A.D.

complex cultures are developing

they are well known for their civilization. they had a writing system, a calender andbuilt cities that functioned as hubs for surrounding farming towns.

The Mayan civilization collapsed in the early tenth century, due to population and damage to the ecological balance

Hernán Cortés arrived in Mexico in 1519. When he arrived there, The Aztec King Moctezuma II invited the conquistador to Tenochtitlán. In May 1521, Cortés and his followers attacked and conquered the Aztecs. Cortés colonized the land and called it Nueva Espana

The Olmecs are the first known society in Mexico. they settled in the Gulf coast near what is now Veracruz. they had two main population centers: san lorenzo and La Venta.

150-800 A.D.

Mayans were at their peak

800 B.C.

Mayan civilization collapses

1200 A.D.

1519 A.D.

The Aztec move into central Mexico

Hernán Cortés arrived in mexico with about 600 men.

Capulli are self-supporting units. Each Unit had its own governing council, schools, temple, army, and each paid tribute to the supreme leader of the empire. The Aztec also had dances, processions, and sacrafices.

The last pre-Columbian Mexico's great civilizations, moved to central mexico partnering with the Toltecs and Mayans. They conquered alot from mexico to the pacific Ocean. They ruled about five million people. They governed the civilization by using calpulli.


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