History Of Hieroglyphs

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History Of Hieroglyphs

* Hieroglypics represent objects and ideas.*Hieroglyph the term is now refffered to as ancient egyptian writing*Studys show that hieroglyhs may be the oldest form of writing*Only the highest in the social class used hieroglphs for they were hard to learn.*There are over 700 glyphs in there writing system*Hieroglyhics were used in long lines with out spaces.* Egyptians mainly made there words by butting a phonogram at the begining ans a ideagram at the end.


Hieroglyphic Alphabet

Picture Time!

Intresting Facts!

Hieroglyphics played a big roll in the after life if you dint have your name somewhere you died in the afterlife.

This Video will help you understand and decode hieroglyphics!

Ancient Egypt

The Three T's

T #1.TransliterationThe method to usedto express thehieroglyphic withouthaving to draw eachsymbol. T #2. TranspcriptionAfter the Symbols aretransliterated propernames are transcribed.T #3 TranslationOnce the Hieroglyph is understood its translated into a modern language.

Egyptian Hieroglyphics are only used top to bottom!

Egyptian Hieroglyphics are only used left to right!

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