History of Health Care in Canada

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History of Health Care in Canada

History of Health Care in Canada

Canada's Health Care from 1914 to present day! Canada possess a universal health care system. A universal health care system is a nations health care system which provides health care and financial protection to all its citizens.


Political Parties Support Health Care


Creation of Federal Health Department


First Provincial Hopistal Insurance Program



National Hospital Insurance program Is Introduced

First Public Funded Health Care Program

In 1917, the Conservative government introduced military conscription. This policy split the Federal Liberal party.The pro conscription Liberals agreed to join the conservatives under the condition that a federal health department be created.

In 1914, new political parties formed due to conflict between the rural and urban needs. These new parties supported an improved health care system. Health issues were now a political issue.

Introduction of National Medicare Program


In 1947, The Saskatchewan Government, led by Tommy Douglas, implemented the first provincial hospital insurance program offered In Canada.

Paul Martin Sr. introduces a national hospital insurance program. Doctors, insurance companies and big business fight against it.

In 1966, Parliament creates a national Medicare program with Ottawa paying 50% of provincial health costs.

In 1962, Saskatchewan's NDP government introduces the first public health care program. Doctors walk out but the strike collapses after 3 weeks.

-In 2000, Ralph Klein introduced a legislation to allow private hospitals.- Fact: Canada has one of the hightest life expectancies which is approximately 80 years. Canada also has one of the lowest infant mortality rates of any country. These facts are closely related to Canada's health care system.

Present Day




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