History of Fashion-Romantic Era

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History of Fashion-Romantic Era

Romantic Era

AccessoriesWomen's hats/hairstyles became very full and busy, often decorated with feathers and flowers. Their shoes had side lacing, a flat sole, and a narrow squared toe. Men wore top-hats in the day and evening. They typically wore boots and squre-toed shoes


By Krista Eldridge

Beliefs and ValuesMarriage became something people did for love rather than requirement. Children were required to have an education.Women remained mostly in the household. The "perfect woman" loved her husband and children and cared about everyone she met.

IconsWriters and peots such as Edgar Allan Poe, Walt Whitman, and Emily Dickinson were all very popular during this period.

TechnologyThe industrial revolution had just begun prior to this period and was now in full swing. Things like canned food and the electric motor had been invented

Culture:The begining of this period marked a time when people began to pour more emotion into creative works of art. Beethoven's passionate music, William Shakespeare's plays, and other poetry became very popular during this time.

Life StyleBecause the Industrial Revolution had just begun, many people, including women and children, went to work in the factories. Families were very large because life expectancy was fairly low.

Trends For women, dresses returned to the full, corseted style, with balloon sleeves and the waistline at the natural waist. The dress silhouette was typically bell-shaped. Men's outfits consisted of tight-fitted pants, coats that sinched at the waist, and high collars. Children wore clothing similar to that of adults. Dresses with very full skirts were popular among young girls, and young boys sported tunics that were belted at the waist, and ankle-length trousers.


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