History of Education

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Social Studies
American History

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History of Education

History of Education

-simple reading,writing, math and prayer-town schools-school prepared chiildren for plantation life-private schools (often weathy white boys)-Dame schools-Quaker Schools: education for all

-Benjamin Franklin & Thomas Jefferson were influential political leaders-few schooled-children were often homeschooled

-Horace Mann: Father of Education-Common schools-Froebel: kindergarten -Public high schools-Plessy v. Ferguson

-John Dewey: progressive educator(hands on)-bloom's taxonomy (different categories of learning)-Head start -High school education became the new "normal"-conpulsory school laws and standardized testing

Colonial School

Overview This timeline consists of the development of American Education throughout the centuries. Beginning approximately during the 1700s through the 2000s (present day.

-baby boom = increase need for elementary schools/teachers-equalization amongst schools (races)- GI Bill: subsidizes returning veterns to attend college -educational reform due to Cold War ( specifically in science and mathematics areas)-Brown v. Board of Education

Early National Period

Common School


Progressive Period

Present Day

-No Child Left Behind (NCLB)-Schools are held accountable for learning-University of Illinois creates first online school -internet and technology provides new sources of knowledge -vocational education


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