History of Democracy

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History of Democracy

Democracy is a type government which includes freedom, equal rights, having a say and being fair. In a democracy the community, state or country gets a say on who will be the person in charge of protecting us all. The word democracy orginiates from acient greek, the meaning is 'Rule of the people'.

What is a democracy?

History of Democracy

When did it start?Democracy started in the year between 508 - 507 BCE in the small town called Athens in Greece,(BCE - Before, the Common, Era).

What country did democracy start in?The country democracy started in was greece. Back in the BBC's, the place in greece called athens changed their ways of ruling:These are the ways of ruling a country that they did:Democracymonarchy Oligarchy

How has democracy changed over the years?In earlier days people who lived in Athens had a direct democracy. We have a Representative one, that is just a result of size. Now some small towns still have direct democracy where the citizens come in and vote on issues. Also, women now have the vote, and we have no slaves. Back in the times of Athens, if you ran for leader and lost, you were banished from the city for 10 year.

Who made democracy happen?The people who have made deomocracy happen where the acient greek people who lived in a small place called athens. Not only that place in greece but all over greece!



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