History of Communication: Mobile Phones/Telephones

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History of Communication: Mobile Phones/Telephones

History of Communication Mobile Phones/Telephones

The first cell phone 1997

3 April 1973

After the first phone with a holder it changed from being on the side to straight on top.It then changed into a more modern holder, with a mini phone,except without apps and no touch screens with a telophone on the front.

It came out in 1987 and created also by Martin Cooper. Like all new things people were all over it, spending hundreds of dollars on it.Then like all older things it was forgotten and then moved onto..........

First phone with holder 1987

Glog by: Vanessa Xydias

Famous companys

The first ever phone

It came out in 1973 and created by Martin Cooper. The company that supported this project was Mortorola. The very first words that were exchanged on from Martin cooper and Dr. Joel S Engal of Bell Lab were: I'm ringing to see if the call sounds good on your end.

The early telephone

Martin Cooper


We not only use phones for communication but also for games and apps. We also have new ways to communicate too, such as texting and face cam where we can talk while seeing eachothers faces.

How do we use it now?


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