history of childrens literature

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history of childrens literature

History of Children's Literature

Oral Tradition & Folk Literature * No identifiable author * Passed down from generation to generation * Reflected values and customs from the culture in which they originated.

A True Beginning - 1744 * The beginning of literature written for children. * Educational philosophies of Rousseau and Lock. * Entrance of women writing for children. * Newberry's promotion and marketing of books for children.

Childhood Seen as an Adventure 1840 to 1890 * First rate authors and illustrators turn their talents to children's books. * Illustrators -Caldecott, Crane, and Greenaway. * Authors - Stevenson, Twain, and Alcott. * Fantasies, Adventures, School Stories, and Domestic Stories


Earliest Beginnings - 1485 to 1726 * Moveable Printing Press * Increased Literacy * Text for children was limited to religious education and moral conduct. (Puritan Children's Literature) * Hornbook - contained the alphabet and a prayer.

Expanding Children's Imagination1890 to 1938 * Greater appreciation for quality * Advances in printing technique * Libraries began designating children's rooms. * 1922 - First Newbery Award "The Story of Mankind" * 1930 - First Caldecott Award "Animals of the Bible"

A Pretty Little Pocket Book by John NewberyWikipedia

Little Red Riding Hood

The Lion and the Mouse - Aesops Fable

Author - Mary Wollstonecraft



Excellence in Narration and Illustration - 1938 to 1980's * Children's literature becomes a major and respected industry. * Development of modern fantasy * Modern Realism * Rise of multiculuturalism * Wealth of books for entertainment and development.


Walter Crane Illustration



Beatrix Potter - The Tale of Four Rabbits


Kate Greenaway Illustration

"Pilgrim's Progress" by Paul Bunyoncomminfo.rutgers.edu

Author - Mark Twain

This is a great link on resources for the History of Children'sLiterature. http://ils.unc.edu/~prier/KidLit/


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