History of Cell Phones

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History of Cell Phones

The term "cell" in cell phone comes from AT&T's idea that the cities should be divided into cells, which is where today's mobile phone system is based.

History of Cellphones

What is a Cell Phone?A cell phone is a wireless phone that is used to communicate with other people.

The concept of cellular phones was produced by Bell Laboratories in 1947. Martin Cooper of Motorola created the first cell phone in 1973 by using the idea of car phones and applying the technology possible to create a portable phone. However, the technology used for this was much different than today's technology. In 1984, the first cell phones were introduced to the public.

Today, almost anyone can get a cell phone.But only decades ago, very fewpeople had them. Only the rich and thegovernment.

In the late 1970s, the first mobile phone networks were made in Japan.

The Federal Communications Commisions (FCC) made a regulation limiting the radio-spectrum frequencies, making it so only 23 simultaneous conversations were possible in one service area. The FCC increased the frequencies to allow research for better connections in 1968. They worked together with AT&T and Bell Towers.

In 1984, when the first cell phones were made, there were many health risks, including radiation that cell phones emit that could lead to brain cancer with long-term use.

In 1984 when the first cell phone was created by Motorola, it was large and bulky and weighed two pounds!

Although nothing has been proven, it is possible that the use of cell phones can cause serious health issuses. This could include cancer, epileptic seizures, sleep disorders, changes in brain activity, and reaction time.


Over time, cell phones became smaller and lighter. In 1996, the first smartphone series was produced. It was driven by an Intel 386 CPU. Now, we have cell phones that are only 4.8 ounces and touch screen! Who knew we would go from a two-pound, bulky cell phone to a small, 4.8 ounce, touch screen cell phone in a matter of only thirty years?

Did you know that it takes 0.3 more seconds to read somehing off of a lighted device, such as a cell phone, than it does paper?

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