[2014] Hector Cuilty (Class of 2016): History of baseball

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[2014] Hector Cuilty (Class of 2016): History of baseball

How Baseball got started Baseball was invented in America in 1845. But before that, in the 1600s, there was a game similar to baseball but in was played in England. The game that was played in England was called Rounders or four-old-cat. But the game gave its name "baseball" in 1760. When it showed a picture of men standing on bases and one man holding a ball. Rounders and baseball were very much the same, they had the same features, tactics, and rules. But one feature was different from baseball. In rounders the only way to get someone out is if you ta the person with the ball or throw the ball at the runner. But when a group of people gathered in New York City in 1845 to decide on what the rules were going to be. They decided to not have that rule anymore. And that the only way to get a person out was to tag the runner. Soon after they decided on the rules, between the 1840s-1850s baseball became an organized sport. The first team was established in New York and Brooklyn. Baseball was getting so popular that it had replaced the popular British game called cricket. But during this time baseball was an amatuer sport which means that the players were not getting paid. The winning team when baseball first started was the Brooklyn Atlantics which won the Championship in 1861, 1864, and 1865. The Brooklyn Atlantics would send a card to their oppennet telling them that they are playing the champs. Although there were many teams in New York the first ever professional baseball team was the Cincinnati Red Stockings. They were the first team to decide on paying the players. Since then there are now 32 professional baseball teams. Some teams are old like the New York Yankees, Cincinnati Reds, Los Angeles Dodgers (used to from Brooklyn) and etc. And there are some new teams like Toronto Blue Jays (used to be the Montreal Expos) Washington Nationals, Tampa Bay Rays(used to be the Tampa Bay Devil Rays)and etc.

History of Baseball


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