History of Andersonville

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History of Andersonville

•Andersonville was a civil war prison that was a Confederate prison for Union soldiers

•The Confederate War department recommended some of the prisoners be moved to Florence, SC and Millen, Georgia•Captain Henry Wirz was hanged for excessive cruelty, even though he tried to help•More than 13,009 soldiers are buried in the camp •the official name for the camp was Camp Sumter •Most prisoners died from diseases and inadequate sanitation

•The only shelter prisoners had was the one they could find•They didn't have enough food, water, or medical supplies •The same water that they used for drinking. They used as a toilet. The plan originally worked out but as the prison got larger, the sewage backed up and the river got polluted. •out of 45,000 union prisoners, 13,000 died in the camp


•In 1864, General Grant stopped exchanging soldiers because one side would get more soldiers than the other

History of

•Before 1864, each side routinely switched soldiers


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