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American IdealsL


Placard 2C

Placard 2R

Placard 2B


Placard 2M

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Placard 2Q

Placard 2N

I Have A Dream


One ideal that each picture relates to is rights. The people in all the pictures are fighting for their rights in some way or another. In Placard 2B, the Colonists were fighting and dying for the right to have freedom. They were tired of being under Britian's control with limited trade, the quartering act, and all the other taxes. Similarily, in the second picture women were fighting to gain their right to vote. This right was known as woman suffrage. On August 18th, 1920 the 19th Amendement was ratified to grant women the right to vote. In Placard 2M, it shows an African American getting attacked by a police dog for an unproked act. At this time African Americans were treated unfairly. With protesting and strikes they eventually gained their rights.

One ideal that each picture relates to is equality. All three show how America has lived up to the ideal of equality. In Placard 2C, the Union soldiers are fighting the Confederate troops for equal rights for everyone. The North winning the Civil War resulted in slavery being abolished and everyone being equal. This is completely demonstrated in the second picture. Barack Obama being the frist African American President of the United States of America shows equality. In Placard 2L, the economic boom opened up opportunities that were available for anybody, espicially oppportunities to get jobs. With the economic boom Americans saved numerous amounts of money. With more Americans spending money, new jobs were created. All Americans were equal and able to work whatever job they were qualified for.

One ideal that each picture relates to is liberty. Each representes liberty in a similiar way. In Placard P, it relates to liberty because the Fourth of July and signing of the Declaration of Independence symbolize our freedom. If it weren't for our founding fathers we wouldn't have the democratic government that we have today. Without that government, America may not have the same liberty. In Placard 2R, is one of the ultimate symbols of liberty in America. The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France to show the friendship they had with the United States. The Statue of Liberty shows new coming immigrants the liberty that America offers. The poem engraved on the statue itself describes how Lady Liberty will welcome people from all over the world. In the third picture is Martin Luther King Jr. when he was giving his "I have a dream" speech in Washington. He was a man who experienced rasicm in his life and believed that everyone should be free, no matter the color of your skin. Martin Luther King Jr. helped end rasicm for African Americans and gain liberty for all.

One ideal that each picture relates to is opportunity. All 3 pictures show different opportunities that America has made available to people. In Placard 2H, it shows Bessie Smith singing. She was a famous African American blues singer. Being a famous African American at that time was hard because of segragation. But America still gave Smith the opportunity to gain national fame through her singing. Because of the economic growth, social changes, and differnt cultural styles different opportunities were made available. In Placard 2N, opportunity is showed by giving people the choice on how they could express themselves. Whether it was through clothing, music, food, or transportation. This was a different style of culture that America allowed the opportunity if you wanted to be involved in such expression. In the third picture is Martin Luther King Jr. walking with men during the Sanatation Workers Strike. This demonstrates African American trying to have the same opportunities to a clean, healthy, and safe work enviorment. The strike ended with a settlement with union recognition and wage increases. This was a major turning point for black activism in Memphis and shows the equal opportunities these workers received in America.

One idea that each picture relates to is democracy. American has lived up to the ideal of democracy and we wouldn't be the same without it. In Placard Q,, Ronald Reagan is being shown much support for the changes he is trying to make in the government. This relates to democracy because at the time he tried changing the government by cutting taxes and giving more individual responsibility. In the second picture is the ultimate democracy America has. The Constitution was the first government or guidelines that we had. It is still the basis of our government today. In Placard 2O, shows the Vietnam War Memorial. In the Vietnam War the United States tried to change Vietnam's type of government. We wanted to stop communism and the spread of it. The United States felt they needed to fight against this because every place in the world should get a choice on how to form their own government, which shows how America felt about democracy as well.

Placard 2L


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