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Benjamin Franklin played a huge part in Revolutionary War, especially towards the end. Franklin served in the Second Congregational Congress in 1776, and in the same year helped draft the Declaration of Independence. Franklin also invented new postal routes, that travelled at night, and were important for communication. In 1783 Franklin negotiated the Treaty of Paris, which ultimately ended the war. After the war he represented our country, when he helped write the Constitution. All in all, Benjamin Franklin was not only a major contribution to our freedom, but to our society also.

Fun Facts

1706- Born1752 - Kite / Key1762 - Mapped Postal Routes1775 - Elected to SCC1776 - Helped Draft DoI1790 - Died

*Franklin published the Poor Richards Almanac in 1733*Franklin drew this*He had 16 siblings*Learned 5 languages (English, French, Spanish, Latin, and Italian)*Created 1st insurance building in the colonies*Nearly 20,000 people attended his funeral

Lasting Impact

* $100 bill*Research on electricity*Postage Industry*Fire houses*Lightning rods



Significance in the Revolution


Only Founding Father to sign all of the following:Declaration of IndependenceThe Treaty of Alliance with FranceTreaty of ParisU.S. Constitution



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