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Clipper ships made getting goods and passengers to places twice as fast

Telegraph- helped connect different regions of the united states, helping better world wide trade

Morse code- was used to display messages on telegraphs

Because of the first couple of stirkes a right for workers to be able to go on strike

Being prejudice in the early days made it rare to see slavery in the north

Famine in the earlier days cause millions on Irish citizen to die of stravation

cotton gin- made the demand for slaves grew and cotton became the main crop

Dolmecia Crayton

discrimination- unfair treatment of a group

Tenant farmers- farmers who reant land and worked on a landlord's estate

slave code- laws in southern states made because the slave owner feared the slaves would become to smart and escape

overseer- manage the plantations

Yoeman- farmers who owned land but not slaves to work on it

trade union- organized of wokers with the same trade or skill

nativist- people who were born in America, felt treatened by the immigrants because the risk of their jobs cause crimes and dieases and the know-nothing party started


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