History and Fashion: 1940-1949

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History and Fashion: 1940-1949

Fashion in the 1940s

Before the 1940s, fashion was mainly influenced by European designers. Because European countries were engaged in WWII before the United Sates, designers from Europe fled to America, profoundly changing the American fashion industry.

Fashion, extravagance and glamor was put on hold in the United States because everyone was focused on the war effort. Women joined the workforce, so fashion was not their top priority. They began wearing slacks for a more comfortable look while working. Also, L-85 regulations during WWII regulated garment and how much fabric was manufactured.

Christian Dior's "New Look"

In February of 1947, one of the most dramatic events of fashion history, Christian Dior came out with his first collection, which the press referred to as the "New Look". Dior's collection called for rounded shoulders, exaggerated bust lines, wasp waists, padded hips and long full skirts requiring a lot of fabric. It became a symbol of the return to feminism, glamour, and prosperity.

The Revival of Feminism


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