History and Fashion: 1900-1910

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American History

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History and Fashion: 1900-1910

1900-1910:The Rise of Fashion

Belle Epoch (Beautiful Era)

Characteristics of fashion at the beginning of the twentieth century:CorsetsHigh necklinesTrains on skirtsBroad hatsParisian influence

Fashion in America was influenced directly by Paris. This was made possible due to the increasing access to transportation. After 1903, Ford Motors began mass producing automobiles. Air travel didn't become popular until the 50s, but women could get to Paris by travelling overseas.

In the 1900s, young English women of the social elite typically made a pilgrimage to Paris twice a year in order to get gowns made and keep up with Parisian fashion.

High fashion originated in Paris. Countries all over the world sent editors and department store buyers to Paris fashion shows in order to examine every detail of Parisian fashion


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