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History 50's Project

The first private tv's provided entertainment along with advertising.

Cars were part of 1950's consumerism, people had some extra money in their pockets so they bought wants also.

Nuclear Families with the rise of gender roles. Females had to take care of the house, cook, clan annd do wash, while the men made the money and got an education.

Soldiers come home from war and start the baby boom. It was the largest generation in history.

For the first time, there was a middle class, so people could aford houses, the suburbs were born.

Bomb shelters as a result of the cold war

Resurgence in religon through fear (cold war)and praise (WWII)

1950's SlangFox- Super sexy ladySweat hog- Fat girlFunky- CoolA gas- a lot of funBash- Great funPrimo- First classFast- Sexually attractiveHorn- Telephone

The Bomb Baby Boom

Elvis- Be Bop a Lula

Mickey Mouse- a populartelevison show

Eisenhower Political AdEsienhower- 1952-191960Truman- 1944-1952

Coca- Cola Ad

Andy William- 1950's Crooner

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Rock and roll is born

Everybody wanted to have the perfect family in the suburbs with a car, they all wanted to be the same hence the rise of conformity



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