Historical Wars

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Historical Wars



Historical Wars1775 - 1945


WW2 - Atomic Bombing Of Japan1945

American Revolution - Seige Of Yorktown1775 - 1783

Although the Civil War started when the Confederate forces attacked the Union at Fort Sumter in Charleston Bay, the real fighting began in 1862 like the huge battle Shiloh in Tennessee and Fredericksburg in Virginia. In the end, the Civil War was won by the Union (Nothern States) and the rebuilding of a united nation free of slavery began. The number of people killed and wounded was between 640,000 and 700,000.

The Americans targeted Hiroshima as their primary target of the first Nuclear bombing mission and Nagasaki and Kokura as their alternative target. Their first bombing went according to plan whereas their second bombing missed the aiming point. Approximately 129,000 - 246,000 people were killed in the two bombings but even after the bombings there were still many people who died from burns and radiation sickness.

The American Civil War was fought from 1861 - 1865. It was fought between the Union states (Northern states) of the United States and the States of Confederacy (Southern States). There were a few causes of the Civil War, such as trading, state rights and the difference between the northern and southern states on the idea of slavery.

On 6th August 1945, a US bomber dropped an atomic bomb on a city in Japan called Hiroshima. Then a few days later they dropped another one in Nagasaki. This was later kown as the Atomic bombing of Japan. The Atomic bombing of Japan occured during the final stages of WW2.

The American Revolution was fought between the Britsh Army and the 13 original colonies of America.The war started because there had been years of problems between the British and the colonists of North America. The people living in the Colonies didn't like the actions of the British Government. In 1765 the British made a new law that colonists had to buy stamps for all illegal newspapers, papers, and playing cards and all the money went to the king. The colonies did not like the idea of that and started a boycott. There were also other battles that made the colonists more mad about the situation and led to the Revolutionary War.

Nagasaki Mushroom Cloud

American Civil War 1861 - 1865

Union Soldiers

Fort Sumter On The Day The War Started

Continental Army

British Army

The siege of Yorktown was the battle that ended the American Revolutionary War. On October 10th, 1781, the combines force of American Continental Army troops led by George Washington and fench army troops led by Comte De Rochambeau won against the British army.

Although the Continental Army wasn't as strong as the Britsh Army, George Washington and Comte De Rochambeau was still able to lead them to their victory.


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