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Historical Timeline

American Revolution










War of Bunker HillIt was the first battle in which the americans realized that they could inflict major damage on the british troups. They caused the deaths of many Britsish. This was the begining of the ideas for getting back at the british and becoming free.

The Quartering Act The Act that was passed by the British Parliment in 1765 to help to make the living quarters for the troops better. The act simply stated that the troops were to be put in barracks or in the event that space was limited, in public residences and Inns.

Boston Tea PartyThe boston tea party was a political protest by the sons of Liberty in 1773. It involved the destruction of a shipment of tea fom britain. The Sons of Liberty threw the mass shipment overboard in protest of the Tea Act

The Boston MassacreThe Boston Massacre took place in Boston in 1770 and was a bloody civilian outbreak that took several lives and injured any others. The riot began because the 'patriots' were taunting the british soldiers that were guarding the tax house. The civilians were angry because the britsh were there to enforc. more taxation laws.

Battle of SavannahThe battle of Savanah was won by britain and Savannah Georgia remained under britains rule. Savannah reamined that way until very near the wars end.

1st Continental CongressThe 1st continental congress was a congress that was attended by delegates from 12 of the 13 colonies to discuss their options for freedom from Britain. The ideas included ideas for boycots in light of the boston tea party and several other acts.

Declaration of IndependanceThe declarataion of independence was signed as an official document declaring americas separation from england. This document sparked the american revolution and started the movement that would begin the new era of the US as independant and free in the land of Liberty.

Paris Peace TreatyThe official end of the American Revolutionary war. The document was signed by representatives of Paris and the USA in Paris to end the war once and for all.

Battle of Princeton The battle of princeton took place on the forces between New Brunswick and the Atlantic Coast and cost the british many lives

Battle of GermantownThe battle confirmed british rule over philidelphia and made it so that George washington began his new role as a leader.


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