[2015] Nikhil Gupta: Historical Timeline

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[2015] Nikhil Gupta: Historical Timeline

Sir Francis Drake was born in England 1540, CE. He died in 1596, CE because of an illness.

Sir Francis DrakeBy: Nikhil Gupta

England sponsored Sir Francis Drake for his expedition.

Sir Francis Drake was lookng for land, and riches like gold to prove Enlgand's rights.

Sir Francis Drake discovered a small bay near the cost of San Fransisco and he named that place Nova ( New ) Albion.

Sir Francis Drake's discovery was important because it was Queen Elizabeth I orders.

Sir Francis Drake's interesting facts1. Sir Francis Drake was buried wearing full armor.2. Drake went to sea at 18 with the Hawkin's Family Fleet, and got command of his own ship in his 20's.3. Drake was knighted by his queen, Queen Elizabeth I on his own ship, the Golden Hind.4. During a storm, in Drake's crew of 5 ships, 2 ships were lost, one ship turned back to go back to England, and the fourth ship disappeared. Only Drake's ship survived.5. Nobody knew Drake's actual birthdate; it was investigated by arceologists to find his birthdate. They think that he was born between 1540 and 1544, and he died in 1596.

Sir Francis Drake was born 1540, CE, in England.

In 1577, Sir Francis Drake sailed through the Straits Magellan.

In 1578, Drake's 100 ton flagship was the only ship in his crew to reach the Pacific out of the crew of 5 ships.

Drake sailed The Cape of Good Hope and retured to the England Plymouth Harbor in 1580.

Sir Francis Drake died in Portobello, Panama, 1596, because of an illness.


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