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[2011] Corinne Bandera (mango 2014): Historical Slavery Glog

Slavery of 1830-1900

Had to travel by bare feet when going from place to place.

When slaves traveled up to a different country where they had the fugitive act they would have to try to recieve the least attention as possible. The fugitive act was that if you were a slave that had reached freedom rom slavery they would send you right back down to slavery.

Working from sunrise until sunset

Alot of slaves in America would refuse to eat because they rather die then keep having to work through agony and serving there owners.

Each house that was in the orgnazation of the underground railroad was from 10 to 20 miles apart .

Alot of slaves would be put in a little homne like this one.

Slave owners would steel slaves all the time wether it was a parent or a child they still took them.

When slaves where traveling on boat in the middle passage being taken to a slave societies but became sick and died they where

Slaves didnt just work inside and outside they also hunting for their owners.

11,863,000 africans were shipped across the alantic during the middle age

In 1849 Harriet tubmannescaped from slavery

Very dangerous to travel from house to house

Vermont was the first state to abolish slavery

In 1807 congress passed the law that no more importion of african slaves was aloud in the united states

Percents of slaves sent to a new world.Male=56%Female=30%Children=14%


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