Historical Periods of Ancient Greece

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Historical Periods of Ancient Greece

Threat by Persian EmpirePersian WarsGreeks victorious at MarathonEmergence of democracy in AthensStemmed from tensions between kakoi and aristoiEmergence of rhetoricPeloponnesian War

Knossos & unfortified palace cultureStrong naval forcesNot yet "Greek" on mainlandLabrys: double-axe for sacrificing bullsAgricultural societyWorshipped fertility & crop goddessesLinear A written language Caste system

Coincides with end of Trojan WarEnd of Mycenaean palace cultureDorian invaders 0verthrew MycenaeansOnly Athens resisted invasionBeginning of Greek migration to Asia MinorDisappearance of Linear B

Six Historical Periods of Ancient Greece

Archaic Period800-480 BCE

Dark Age1200-800 BCE

Hellenistic Period323-31 BCE

Palace at Knossos!

Early/Middle Bronze Age3000-1600 BCE

Indo-European linguistic groupMilitary/Feudal SocietyLinear B writing system Modification of Linear AMycenaean culture a main source for Greek mythMyths & legends transmitted orally

Mycenaean Age1600-1200 BCE

Trojan War!

Invasion by Phillip II of MacedoniaAlexander the Great completes conquestInvasion of Greek culture worldwideFragmented after Alexander's deathGreek mainland conquered by Rome 146 BCEAlexandria falls to Rome 31 BCERomans appropriate Greek culture & myth

Rebirth of literacy Beginning of Greek expansion of Western MediterraneanEmergence of polisEmergence of money (coinage)Rise of economics in social classRise of merchant or middle class Agathoi Aristoi Kakoi

Classical Period480-323 BCE

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