Historical Music Figures

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Historical Music Figures

Inspired by "The DaVinci Code," kids are inspired to crack the code of composers lives. I would use certain readings at the beginning or end of rehearsal for an anticipatory or closing set to get the students to think outside of their own music and learn about famous musicians.

Young Musicians in World History

* Understanding relationships between music, the other arts, and disciplines outside the arts*Understanding music in relation to history and culture

Students will discover the lives of many young musicians through diverse cultures, time periods, and station of life. Many of them had to overcome obstacles such as poverty and racism in order to create and share their works.I would assign this as readings outside of class every few weeks and have kids connect it to their own personal lives and music in the classroom as a reflection and review.

Bach's Big Adventure

When young Sebastian Bach learns that old Adam Reinken of Hamburg is a better organist than himself, he sets out to meet his rival.This can be used to introduce young students to classical music in the classroom.


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Music & Historical Figures

The Beethoven Code


20 Need to Knows!




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