Historical Fiction

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Historical Fiction


A genre in literature that recreates the characteristic of the past by recreating characters, events, movements, and ways of life

-Presents a well-told story that doesn’t conflict with historical records some of the great things your person accomplished.-Mixture of fact and fiction-Portrays characters realistically-Plot supported by historical evidence-Authentically captures the time period through characters, setting, plot and dialogue-Combination of factual information about time, place, events, and real people of the period with fictional characters, dialogue, and details

Value for Readers

-Offers answers to students’ questions about the world-Helps readers to develop consciousness of how time and place influence them -Children better understand themselves and culture

Historical Fiction Name

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Setting is the most important literary element.

-Bud, Not Buddy-The Book Thief-Number the Stars-Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry-Fever 1793-Freedom Summer-Out of the Dust-Johnny Tremain-Chains-Dear America Series

Historical fiction may overlap other genres such as historical realism, historical fantasy, historical tall tales, and historical mysteries


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