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Historical Biography

René Descartes

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René Descartes was a philosopher and a mathematician born on 31 March 1596 in France and died 11 February 1650 in Sweden. Descartes was a good student. He studied math, logic, and rhetoric. The subject logic made him a great philosopher since philosophy relies on logic and thinking. He joined the army and met Isaac Beeckman a Dutch scientist and philosopher that taught him a lot of things and became very influential in Descartes life.


Some of his accomplishments were writing many books about geography, mathematics, and even philosophy. He also tought some critical people. However, his major achievement was in philosophy because he was the first philosopher to say "I think therefore I am. "This was important because he helped us understand how we are in the universe.

How did he challenge authority?



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Lourenco Gomes

Descartes challenged authority because he and Galileo said that when there was a book explaining a discovery they should give an explanation and an experiment. It is essential to talk about this people even though they challenged authority because if they did not people would still be making an assumption based on logic and thinking without experiments.


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