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Historical biographies

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Historical Biography

While Robert Boyle was in the Royal Scociety, he and Hooke became great companions for working with each other. They discovered even sound can get sucked into a vacuume. They also found that when the pressure is higher the volume is lower, And the lower the pressure, the higher the volume.( BOYLE's Law). in addition (with his theory) managed to prove the extistance of God.


(1642)-Galilao died while he was in Florence, it enspired Robert Boyle to study his work.(1653)-He went to Oxford university and ,with other scientists, started the Royal Scociety directed toward science.(1657)-He declined the offer to become president of the royal Scociety.

Robert Boyle invented many things, he Discoverd that sound cannot travel through a vacuum, his Theroy showed how mass affecets pressure, and he studied the three forms of matter.

Robet Boyle was born on January 1, 1627, and died on December 31, 1691, in his life he attended Oxford university. At Oxford he met other scientist and made a "secret collage" aka Royal scocity, directed to science. He was offerd president of the Society, but he refused.


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"By giving man free will he allows man that highest satasfaction and privilege of co-operating to his own felicity." - Boyle


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