King Henry VII

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King Henry VII

The lasting impact for King Henryt the 8th is when he wanted to divorce with one of his wife . Then the pope didn't let him divorce. King Henry disagreed with the pope and king Henry made the Church of England, and many people left the Catholic Church and joined the Church of England.


1520- King Henery gets pease with Farncis I to go against Charels V.1533-The pope excommunicates king Henry from the Catholic Church1534-Henry becomes the head of the Church of England

King Henry was known for having 6 wives .He was the founder of the dud or dynasty King Henry defeted Richard the third with the help of his men in his dynasty.


King Henry was the head of the Church of England when he disagreed with the pope and caused a lot of people left the church.


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King Henry VII

Lasting Impact

King Henry and his 6 wives

Quote: 'We are, by the sufferance of God, King of England; and the Kings of England in times past never had any superior but God' – Henry VIII


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