Historical Biography

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Historical Biography

William Cullen Bryant was born November 3, 1794, in Cummington, Massachusetts. Cullen was an American romantic poet, journalist, and an editor in chief to the New York Evening Post. According to PoemHunter.com, he was an active activist, he worked for workmen and labor rights. As well as voicing his opinion for the rights the religious minorities and the immigrants. He developed an interest in poetry at a very early age. At the age of thirteen years-old, his first poem was published in 1808, “The Embargo”, which depicted the savage attack on President Thomas Jefferson. He received positive critiques due to his age and expanded edition. He later stopped writing due to his commitment to school in attending Williams College, and studying law in Worthington and Bridgwater. As stated in thefamouspoeple.com, after his studies he realized his strong passion for poetry and soon began to write again. Some of his most famous work includes “Thanatopsis” which was written in 1811. This poem is a piece from the Era of Romanticism. It includes details in imagination, the love of nature, and individualism. Another well known poem is “To a Waterfowl”. He wrote this after noticing a single bird flying over the horizon on his way to work in Cummington, which touched his heart and inspired him. Other works are “A Forest Hymn,” “A Song of Pitcairn’s Island,” “Consumption,” and “The Constellations”.


1794 - born Nov. 3 1808 - first poem published1811 - Thanatopsis1815 - To a Waterfowl

This is the place to tell about some of the great things your person accomplished.This is the place to tell about some of the great things your person accomplished.This is the place to tell about some of the great things your person accomplished.

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