Historical Biography - Jacob Riis

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Historical Biography - Jacob Riis

Historical Biography

Jacob Riis was born in Ribe, Denmark on May 3, 1849. His family included 14 people including him living in poverty. Since he was from another country, he was quite look uponed differently to citizens in the USA. When he went to go to the USA, he planned to be a news reporter, and thats what he did.

After he saw all the poor people in the tenements while on job of a news reporter, he quit and made books all about how he saw the lives of the poor in his book,¨How the Other Half Lived¨ . Also, when he was living in Ribe, Denmark, he experienced poverty of his own with his family and everyone around him.

The past years in the progressive era and also the industiral era caused very few people rich and many many people poor and living in tenements. Certain people

He has gain trust from President Theodore Roosevelt and made a book directly adressing the problem to him," Theodore Roosevelt, the Citizen"But also, also since he was on good terms with President Theodore Roosevelt, he said to him that he should jbe in the political partys for what he has shown, but declined nicely.


"In the tenements all the influences make for evil." -"How the Other Half Lived"


Birth & Death

Jacob Riis was born in Ribe, Denmark on May 3, 1849. He had 2 wives with 7 children all together. In May 26, 1914, he died from natural causes

Jacob Riis was an author that made books all based on poverty. His most popular book was called," How the Other Half Lived" It talked about how the poor people lived in the broken down diesease rotten tenements.

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