Historical Battle The Persian Wars

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Historical Battle The Persian Wars

The Persian Wars

Battle Timeline

Darius continued to grow his empire, spreading across Asia, Egypt, and the Middle East. He conquered the Greek City-State of Ionia (in present day Turkey). Ionia asked Athens for help. Athens and their allies began fighting the Persians to kick them out of Greece.

Darius returns to Persia. His son Xerxes takes over and he vows to come back to Greece. In 481 BCE Xerxes raises a huge army and 600 ships and begins to take over many city states in Greece. He marches towards Athens.

Persia: The Pesian Empire had many more men (10,000 immortals). They had people in their army from all parts of their empire. They had many more ships. Greece: The Athenians had a Navy. The Spartans had a very strong military. The Greeks were protecting their homes.

The Second Persian War

In 480 BCE Leonides of Sparta, with 300 men hold off the Persians for 3 days at the Battle of Thermopylae. This allows Athens to get their people to safety and come up with a plan. They decide to fight the Persians at sea in the Battle of Salamis. They trick the Persians into a narrow stretch of water and attack, sinking several hundred Persian ships.




The Persian Wars are important! 1. It was the first time the Greeks had worked together. 2.Created an idea of a Greek identity, not just city-states. 3. Used the Phalanx formation!4. Made sure the Greeks were able to spread their culture around the world.


Battle of Marathon

Battle of Salamis

Battle of Thermopylae

The First Persian War

In 546 BCE Darius Attacks Ionia. In 500 BCE Ionia fights back with Athen's help. In 490 BCE The Greek Army meets the Persians at the Battle of Marathon . The Greeks do not wait for reinforcements, but attack the Persians at dawn. The Greeks win!


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