Historical Battle

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Historical Battle

The Battle of Plains of Abraham

Consequences of the battle

Between the French and British the tension in North America was growing due to the competition over the continent.The British and French both wanted North America's resources for trade purposes. This led to the French and British frequently in conflict.

On November 20 1759 the french fleet was destroyed at the battle at Quiberon bay, just off the French coast. On September 8th 1760 Montreal surrendered to the British and in 1763 there was the treaty of Paris. The treaty of Paris is the treaty that ended the seven years war. So after the treaty New France was officially ceded to Britain.

One consequence is broken alliances. After the war ended trade's between the First Nations and French ended. The British limited European supplies like weapons, clothing etc... This consequence cut off the alliance between the First Nations and French and any sort of trade between the two groups did not happen.

To keep control after the battle the British wanted the French to swear an oath of allegiance to the king of England. This is a consequence because the French had to live under British rule and British believe.

Another consequence is the Quebec act. Now the Quebec act gave a lot of rights to the french that they never had, but when the act was passed it gave France more than half of the first nation's territory.

There were three groups involved in the battle. Those groups were The British, The french, and some First nations. The British were led by James Wolfe. The French were led by Louis-Joseph de montcalm. The first nations really didn't have a leader during this battle.

Groups involved in the battle

Events leading up to the battle

The British were going to build settlements near the Ohio Valley. As they were trying to establish settlements the British were driving the French out of the area. This led to the french attacking British colonists across the frontier and setting fire to their houses. Colonists were injured and some were killed by the raid.

Competition in North America

Ohio river valley


James Wolfe

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