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World War I

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Historic Times

The Historic Times

The U.S and World War 1-by Omar RodriguezPresident Wilson declared that the United States is neutral and the war is strictly between European countries. The United States is supplying both sides with food, raw materials, and munitions. The propaganda the British are saying has angered many Americans with Germans and their brutal against defenseless people. Germany’s foreign ministry Arthur Zimmermann sent a telegram to German ambassador in Mexico to propose an alliance with them, and in return they will help Mexico regain Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico if they fought aside Germany. Americans were mad once they found after Britain got a hold of it and decoded it.

Lenin & Bolsheviks-By Omar RodriguezThe leader of the Bolsheviks was a man named Vladimir Lenin. Lenin was a revolutionary socialist who demanded all governing power to be turned over to the soviets. The slogan for the Bolsheviks was “peace, bread, and land”. Although Lenin was the leader of the Bolsheviks, he was a Marxist, someone who is a follower of Karl Marx. The group overthrew the provisional government took control of Russia in 1917. This is sometimes known as the October Revolution. Once 1918 came the Bolsheviks was no longer called that, the group changed its name to the Communist Party.

Russia and World War 1-By Omar RodriguezRussia during the war didn’t have enough food, guns, or good enough roads for its army. Their government was corrupted at the time and really couldn’t deal with the problems of the war going on at the time. The number or life’s lost from Russian war were enormous. By 1917 the people of Russia lost faith in their government and the czar. In 1861, Russian peasants were poor because of the debt, rents, and the taxes. Strikes broke out in the capital, Petrograd. The czar of Russia dissolved government reforms when they were demanded the legislative body, the Duma.

Peace and the Civil War-By Omar RodriguezThe provisional government kept Russia in the war, and Lenin’s government signed a peace treaty with central powers in March of 1918. Russians wanted peace and gave up a bunch of territory and agreed to the harsh terms that the Germans dictated. To prevent any monarchy coming back into power communists killed the czar that was imprisoned and their entire family in July of 1918. Allies were angry that Communist Russia had a separate peace treaty with the central powers. The allies were scared that the communist would encourage the spread of revolution to their own countrys.


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