Historic Charleston

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Historic Charleston

Charleston has been called the cultural capital of the South and is considered a "living museum." There is so much to see: historic buildings, churches, museums, restaurants, art galleries and lots of shopping. I also learned about Charleston's dark past as a slave port. While this can be painful to learn, as the saying goes, "Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it."

The Plantation


Historic Charleston

The Fort

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Drayton Hall, a plantation outside Charleston, is a survivor. Why do I say that? It made it through earthquakes, hurricanes, the Civil War and several attempts to destroy it. It stands as the oldest unrestored plantation in the United States. When you walk inside, you discover bare walls and floors. There's almost no furniture, and several areas are taped off because the foundation is unstable. The Drayton family lived there for seven generations, and in the 1970s, it was sold to the National Historic Trust and is now a tourist attraction.

The City

About My TripDuring Spring Break, my family and I traveled to South Carolina. We thought, hey, let's make a glog about Charleston! We visited some local tourist attractions and shot video along the way. I hope you enjoy it.

South Carolina seceded from the Union on Dec. 20, 1860. At the time, Maj. Robert Anderson and federal troops were stationed on Fort Moultrie. Anderson feared that his troops weren't safe on the island, so they moved to Fort Sumter, which was more heavily fortified.This angered the people of Charleston and the Confederates threatened to bombard the fort. Anderson refused to surrender, and the Confederates fired on the fort on April 12, 1861. It was the first shot of the Civil War.

Fun Fact:The first game of golf in the U.S. took place in Charleston.

Fun Fact:The battle of Fort Sumter lasted 34 hours.

Fun Fact:The kitchen is in the basement. Bad idea!


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