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FoodPoor Romans ate bread with cheese for breakfast, and the bread was dipped in wine to soften it. Although rich Romans ate meat, fish, fruit, or vegetables with their bread. The rich Romans did not have sugar, so they used honey to sweeten it.

Historian, By Olivia Miller

Location/PowerRome is located in Europe, and is the capital of Italy. It is on the eastern side of the Tiber river, and is on the west side of the Apennine Mountains. Plus, since Rome is close to the Tyrrhenian Sea, Rome experiences a Mediterranean climate. Rome gained power of the world in 27 B.C.

TechnologyThe Romans used roads and bridges. And yes, we use the same technology today. Some other technologies the Romans used were Aqueducts, a way of irrigation, Concrete, a building material (which the colosseum and Forum are made of), newspapers, for birth and death notices and even human interests. They also invented welfare, a way to feed, clothe, and educate orphaned and poor children, bound books, which early Christians used to make copies of the Bible, roads and highways, Roman Arches, “the arch allowed the weight of buildings to be evenly distributed along various supports, preventing massive Roman structures like the Colosseum from crumbling under their own weight.”, The Julian Calendar, The Twelve Tables and the Corpus Juris Civilis, a form of law and government, and finally, Battlefield surgery, a form of medication in war.

Fun For fun, the Romans went to the Colosseum. The colosseum could seat up to 50,o00 people, and displayed violent fights between gladiators, slaves, prisoners, and animals, such as lions. The fight ended when one man/animal was killed. Romans were encouraged by the Emperor to go to the colosseum since it made them happy, and stopped them from criticising their ruler. If the colloseum got flooded, there would be fights with boats. Cells where the competitors were kept were underneath the floor of the area, and even had a lift to bring the competitors up. The Romans also went to the circus! It was the oldest and biggest arena in Rome. Chariot racing was the main event, and the racers were divided into four factions:Green, Blue, Red, White. Charioteer Gaius Appuleius Diocles got paid 35,863,120 Secterces. That is around fifteen billion today! Plus, the Romans went to the baths, the largest being able to hold 3,000 people! They went their to chat, and cleanse themselves. Plus, they went to the Forum for political purposes, and the wine shop.

EntertainmentThe entertainment of the Roman people was going to the colosseum to watch gladiators, slaves, and animals fight to the death. But the Romans weren’t just looking for violence, they also enjoyed going to the baths to cleanse themselves, and to each other. The Romans also liked going to the Forum for political reasons,and they loved hearing each other speak about politics. Another source of entertainment for the Romans was the wine shop.

Fun FactsTo irrigate their cities, smart Romans built aqueducts. They did not fight all the time, they were amazing architects and engineers to! The Roman army could march up to 40 km a day!

ClothingBasically, the Romans wore togas, tunics, sandals, and jewelry. The men wore tunics that were knee length, sleeveless tunics, or tunics with no sleeves at all. They also wore cloaks over their tunics, and important Romans wore long robes which were called toga's. The shoes Romans wore indoors were open shoe sandals, but outdoors they wore shoes that covered their toes. The website, History On The Net states, “The Romans made shoes and sandals by fixing strips of leather to a tough leather or cork base.” Walking shoes, winter shoes, or shoes for soldiers had lots more leather strips to cover up the toes to keep Romans warm. Men and women wore loincloths, known as a subligaculum. Also, they were worn under their clothes. As for jewelry, males were allowed only to wear “a ring that was used to make a mark in wax for sealing documents.” Although many disobeyed that rule and so wore many rings and brooches to pin their clothes. Men also styled their hair. They kept it short and shaved, and after the time of the Hadrian, some men began growing beards.

Free TimeI usually spend my free time reading, playing video games, or hanging out with a friend. But the Romans, sometimes played board games (not unlike today), and hunted, which is not like what I do in my spare time. But the Romans also watched gladiator fights.


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