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Social Studies
European history

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Romans would see gladiators fight in the Roman Colosseum. Men fought other men or wild animals. People went to watch bloody battles, and if someone was killed, it was entertaining.

A lot of kids in Rome do the same things we do today except for computers. The Romans went to baths but we go to swimming pools and go to the beach. Romans watched gladiators which is much more bloody than sports we watch today.

2. Rome began as a little village on the Tiber River in southern Europe and then it turned into an Empire. It lasted from 753BC-476AD.

2. Where Rome Was And When Rome Was Built.

Roman technology included a hypocaust, (under the floor heating) to heat their homes and they used aqueducts, (long stone channels) to get water to their homes.

5. What The Romans Wore When They Went Out.

The Romans would go to baths and watch gladiatorial battles. Boys played with war type games. They practiced with wooden swords and played Conquer Troy. Poor children played with rag dolls where the richer children had dolls of clay or wax. Some dolls even had joints to bend and pose.

4. What The Romans Ate For Breakfast.

The rich Romans ate fish, meat and fresh fruit or vegtables to go with their bread. They had honey and wipes to wash their hands. Poor people had cheese and olives.

The Romans would wear togas mostly. It's wound and draped across the body. Summer tunics were made of linen and winter were made of wool. The men would wear a single ring. The woman wore bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.

3. What The Romans Did For Fun Compared To Us.

1.What The The Romans Did For Fun.

6. Roman Entertainment.

7. What Was Facinating About The Romans

I think that the Circus Maximus was facinating because that's where chariot racing was held. It's a lot like our horse racing today.

8. The Technology The Romans Used.


By: Matt Makaus.


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