Hister Beetle

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Hister Beetle

Hister Abbreviatus

Differences Between Male and Female-Only difference is in reproductive system-Female reproductive organ is modified to work as an ovipositor-Male's works as a copulatory structure

Hister Beetle

Importance in Forensics-Feeds on maggots of insects that previously arrived at the body-Mandibles can cause excess damage to the body-Helps determine season the body died (prevelant in Spring and Summer)-Lay eggs in the body-Larva feed on maggots of other insects-Don't actually feed on the carrion-Take shelter under the body during the day and feed at night

Arrive during the Decay stage of decomposition

Life Cycle-Egg: shiny and smooth. Takes around 3.8 days to reach 1st Instar-Larva: broken in 2 instars. 1st Instar takes 5.1 days. 2nd Instar is longest stage of entire development.-Pupa: similar in looks to adult. Immobile in this stage. -Adult: full grown. Carnivorous beetle that will feed on almost every bug in its way


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