His Dark Materials

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His Dark Materials

Philip Pullman has revolutionized fantasy with his stunning originality. This story has not only become a best seller in dozens of countries around the world, but also has been created into a film. This book is a triology of The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass. His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman has been internationally praised and showered with prizes. These include Carneige Medal, Whitebread Children’s book award, Parent’s Choice Gold Medal and the most acclaimed children’s literacy prize, The Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award. It is one of my most favourite books, it’s just absolutely flabbergasting in it's artistic storytelling.. Philip Pullman has pulled together a work of science-fiction based on the human mind, body and soul

His Dark MaterialsBy Philip Pullman

Philip Pullman is the genius behind the masterpiece of His Dark Materials. He was born in Norwich, UK, but now lives in Oxford, England. After graduating with an English degree from the University of Oxford he became an elementary teacher. However, his eccentric ways soon directed him to a career as an author. His first book, Count Karlstein, was published in 1982. He has written many breathtaking books. The most renowned are, The Northern Lights, The Subtle Knife and the Amber Spyglass. In his spare time Mr. Pullman likes to draw, work with wood and play the piano.

After the promotion of this book there was a large controversy. Many people believed that Philip Pullman was promoting atheism in a drastic way, the opposition to religion. However, Philip Pullman has a different outlook to his work. Listen to this audio to here his interview, above.

His Dark Materials is engaging, witty and imaginative and filled with the most beloved characters and epic battles. Lyra, with unyielding curiosity and unfaltering courage, battles to preserve the universe. Witch clans, armoured bears, daemons, shimmering angels and magical devices, this book is a whirlpool of fantasy. What will become of this devout young girl with the weight of the universe resting as a burden upon her shoulders? This is story where enemies fought side by side to conquor evil. The death of god and the temptation of humankind. This is a story of true love…mother, father, friend, soul and lover.


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