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Hiroshima (Writing)

"So Mrs. Nakamura started out for Asano park, with her children and mrs. hataya and she carried her rucksack of emergency clothing" -pg 20 paragraph 2

Mrs. Nakamura

"Her husband, Isawa, had gone into the army just after Myeko was born, and she have heard nothing from or of him for a long time"-pg.6 paragraph 2

"As mrs.nakaruma stood wacthing her neighbor everything flashed whiter than any white she have ever seen."-pg 8 paragraph 3

During bomb



"She called the names of her ten year old son and eight year old daughter: "Toshio! Yaeko!"- pg 19 paragraph 1


After bomb

Before the bomb

"it began to rain. Mrs. Nakamura kept her children under the umbrella. The drops grew abnormally large, and someone shouted,"The Americans are dropping Gasoline!"- pg 38 paragraph 4

"She discoverd that her familey were all dead. she went to Kabe so amazed and deppressed by what she had seen and learned in the city that she could not speack that evening" - pg 63 paragraph 2

"Despite the family's poverty, the children seemed to be growing normally. Yaeko and Myeko, the two daughters were anemic, but all three had so far escaped any of the more serious complications that so many young hibakusha were suffering."-pg 95 paragraph 2

"Hatsuyo Nakamura, weak and destitute, began a courageous struggle, which lasted for many years, to keep her children and herself safe."- pg. 91 paragraph 1

"The bombing had been four decades ago.How far away it seemed!"-pg.100 paragraph 3