Hiroshima: Plot Movement Analysis

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Hiroshima: Plot Movement Analysis

Hatsuyo Nakamura

Wilhelm Kleinsorge

Kiyoshi Tanimoto

Terufumi Sasaki


Masakazu Fujii

"That bomb (Little Boy) had more than twenty thousand tons of TNT. It had two thousand times the blast power of the British Grand Slam, which is the largest bomb ever yet used in the history of warfare." - American News Report

Terufumi and Toshiko are not actually related

"Brilliant Yellow"

"Terrible Flash"

"Whiter than any white I've ever seen"

"Tremendous flash of light across the sky"

Nothing to say

Toshiko Sasaki

"A blinding light"

Picture this:You have been in Hiroshima, Japan since the beginning of World War II. Everyday an American weather plane has been flying over the city causing the sirens to go off, but schools, hospitals, shops, and general buildings are still open. The sirens start off again, at 8:00 AM the "all clear" signal sounded. 8:14, you are enjoying a walk around the neigborhood, the houses are ornate as usuall, the breeze feels nice. "The morning was still; the place was cool and pleasant." 8:15, you see a terrifying white flash of light. It makes no noise, but you fall back because of some force. A fire starts spreading. You are bleeding, burnt, radiated, and looking for a doctor.

A completely functional school became a hospital after the bomb dropped. Fujii's hospital went from near the Kyo river to inside of the Kyo river. Doctors saved the least injured since they thought the heavily injured could not be saved.

"... ceilings had fallen on patients, beds had overturned, windows had blown in and cut people, blood was spattered everywhere, many patients were running and screaming, many more lay dead…".


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