Hiroshima bombing

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Hiroshima bombing

In the year 1945 in a b-29 air plane. a man named Paul tibbets flew the plane that dropped the first atom bomb ever used in warfare. the bomb was dropped on Japan Hiroshima. The bomb was dropped because Hiroshima had most of Japans goverment was there.

Hiroshima bombing

after the bomb

before the bomb

the test

what it was and what it did

The bomb called the little boy and exploded 2000

feet above the ground. The plane was called the

Enola gay. Also 140,000 people died in a year total.

One more thing is that about 15,200 people

the crew

When And Wher

America dropped the bomb on Japan because it was bigger, more threatening, and more dangerous than germany. But they dropped it on Hiroshima because most of the goverment was there they were making lots of guns there. They did not drop it on germany because germany did not have the atom bomb we thought they would have had.

Who was involved and how

Pual Tibbets was the pilot of the b-29 Enola gay, he named the plane after his mother. Paul Tibbets died Noveber 1,2007 at the age of 92 years old. theodore Dutch Van kirk was the navigator of the crew. Albert Einstein was the one to find out how to split uranium atom, for the atom bomb to work. Hitler was the whole reason why we were in a rush to make the bomb because he lied and said germany found out how to split the uranium atom so we were afraid that they would bomb us and because of that we made one first. We did'nt drop it on germany because germany lied when they said that.

died from raidiation exposure itself in a year.



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