Hiroshima and Nagasaki

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Social Studies
World War II

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Hiroshima and Nagasaki

- Became the 33rd President of the United States after the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1945. - President for only 82 days when he decided to drop Little Boy on Hiroshima. - Japan did not surrender after Hiroshima, therefore leading us to drop Fat Man on Nagasaki.- The devastation to Japan's nation after both bombings immediately resulted in Japan surrendering to the United States, leaving us as the post-war superpower.

1939 - Albert Einstein informs Roosevelt about "super bomb"1942 - Manhattan ProjectApril 1945 - FDR dies, Truman takes officeJuly 1945 - First atomic bomb tested in New MexicoTruman threatens JapanAugust 6, 1945 - HiroshimaAugust 9, 1945 - NagasakiAugust 14, 1945 - Japan surrendersSeptember 2, 1945 - World War II officially ends


70,000 - 100,000 people killed from radiation within five years

Utah Core

6th grade Social StudiesStandard 4: Students will understand current global issues and their rights and responsibilities in the interconnected world. Objective - Analyze how major world events of the 20th century affect the world today.

Real Footage


Harry S. Truman


8:15 am, 8/6/1945- Atomic Bomb dropped on Hiroshima11:02 am, 8/9/1945- Atomic Bomb dropped on Nagasaki

The bomber known as the "Enola Gay" was used to drop the first ever atomic bomb over Hiroshima.


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